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Why are communication skills important?

annual costs per knowledge worker in SMEs due to ineffective communication
according to SIS International Research for Siemens Communications
total annual loss in the UK and US economies alone due to ineffective communication
according to Cognisco and IDC Research
average annual losses due to ineffective communication for companies with 100,000 employees
according to Cognisco and IDC Research
of companies cite loss of sales and reduced customer satisfaction due to ineffective communication
according to Cognisco and IDC Research

What is emolve?

emolve is an AI-powered application that enables you to improve your communication skills through your browser.
1. access emolve to record your presentation in your browser
2. emolveAI analyzes your communication style
3. receive personalized feedback to improve your communication skills
4. share your presentations with your peers and your audience

How does emolve work?

Easy access. Open your browser, share your webcam and microphone with the emolve artificial intelligence (emolveAI) and start practicing your presentations, speeches, and talks. No need to install any additional software.
Recognition. While you practice, emolveAI analyzes your face, voice, language, and gesture in order to identify your individual communication style. 
AI-based feedback. emolveAI interacts with you while you practice and assesses the effectiveness of your communication. You may review a video of your recorded presentation, speech or talk. emolveAI highlights your individual strengths and weaknesses and provides you recommendation on how to improve your communication.
Learning. You may practice with emolveAI until you are fully satisfied with your performance. emolveAI tracks your learning progress over time and offers you personalized AI-trainings to improve your individual communication style.
Knowledge management. emolveAI saves your video recordings and creates transcripts of your presentations, speeches, and talks that enable you to access your present thoughts and ideas in the future.
Social. You want to know what your colleagues, friends, and audience think about your presentation, speech, or talk? Share your recorded videos with emolve to receive human feedback on your communication style.

Who developed it?

Christoph Hohenberger
Patrick Oehler
Abdurrahman Namli
Lyubomir Stoykov

Martin Mihaylov

Moataz Ibrahim
Voice and Language

Boonyakorn Jantaranuson
Artificial Intelligence

Elena Weiss
Product Development

Can Giracoglu 
Computer Vision

Melih Berçin

Max Welter

Franz Kirsch

Timo Hermans

Lucas Jeschke 

Who collaborates with us?

Aizawa Yamasaki Lab (Tokyo)
Technical University of Munich
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